Eremito - A unique place, in which find harmony and wellbeing, through a soul experience

A unique place, in which find harmony and wellbeing, through a soul experience

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Digital Detox

Digital Detox

18 - 21 November, 2022

Digital detox: There’s no WiFi at Eremito, but I promise you will get a better connection.


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Join me for a yoga retreat at one of the best Healing Hotels in the world. It is located in the lovely nature of Umbria – The spiritual heart of Italy.

Prioritize time for you! Spoil yourself with a yoga retreat for an extended weekend in one of Italy’s most beautiful nature reserves. We will be practicing a mix of different forms of yoga. You will be guided by Bjørg, certified yoga teacher.

During the yoga practice, we move slowly, calmly and gently. We will focus our attention inward and surrender ourselves to the full experience and being. You will be giving yourself the care that you deserve.

Yoga, as we practice it, helps us release blockages and convictions that no longer nurture us. It helps create a flow of stagnant energy, hydrate and make the connective tissue more flexible. Stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system. It is healing for body and mind.

It can be difficult to remain in the poses for a long time, but you will learn how to be present within yourself and alone with yourself, which makes room for you to accommodate your feelings.

I will be guiding you through a daily practice. Getting out of our minds and into our bodies will be the main focus.

You will enjoy the attention on your body by immersing and surrendering yourself to the yoga.

We let go and start listening to our inner voices, and we connect with the spiritual energy, the place offers. You will feel peace, trust and love.

We’ll be working in-depth with yoga in a gentle and meditative way, focusing on stretching, feeling and letting go. It is yoga that everyone can participate in and feel the effects of. You will get into a state of calmness, presence and deep satisfaction.

You will love the Yoga Nidra; a deep guided meditation that allows you to let go of stress and makes room for inner peace.

We will be staying at the lovely Eremito. The hotel is built on the ruins of an old monastery and is located in a beautiful scenic area in Umbria, which is called the spiritual heart of Italy: It is just a few hours’ travel from Rome. Eremito has a wonderful yoga room and relaxation areas.


The hotel is elected one of the best Eco-Friendly hotels and is sustainable in multiple ways. There are sun panels and a hot-water system that takes care of warming up the hotel. Eremito is basically self-sufficient with greens from their own ecological garden. In addition the hotel is well known for their silent dinners. Marcello – the owner of Eremito – was amongst the first to acknowledge the need for places with digital detoxes, which is slowly becoming acknowledged as fundamental for our health and our welfare.

Besides practicing yoga, chanting, meditating and enjoying steam-aroma therapy, you will be given room for meditative walks in the surrounding nature of Eremito. The beautiful Unesco reserve grants you inner tranquility and space to feel yourself.

In the evenings it’ll be possible to enjoy a bonfire under the clear night sky full of stars. The rooms at Eremito are designed on basis inspiration from monk cells that are called celluze; very simple yet elegant.

The retreat is suitable for both women, men and everything in between.

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The partecipation includes:

Delicious vegetarian food



Dinner – In silence, lit up by candlelight

Awake the soul : Prayer in the chapel




Spare time – Walks in the nature

Steam-aroma therapy

Relax – around the fire

Digital detox

You’re guaranteed your spot as soon as you’ve paid a 50% deposit. Registration and payment is binding. Should you be prevented from attending, you are free to give your spot to someone else.

Travel insurance, flight tickets and transport from the airport are not included.

I will give suggestions for transport to and from the airport when I know the number of people attending.


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