Eremito - A unique place, in which find harmony and wellbeing, through a soul experience

A unique place, in which find harmony and wellbeing, through a soul experience

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Italian Retreat – Self-Love, Meditation & Manifestation

Italian Retreat – Self-Love, Meditation & Manifestation

16 October - 20 October

Are you ready to make powerful changes and manifest the life of your dreams in 2023? Join us for this 5-day retreat experience in Umbria, Italy and tap into the power of manifestation, using the tools and techniques Jen practiced in 2020 to manifest the life she is living now. A retreat week not to be missed from 16th October to 20th October 2023. With very limited spaces in the monastery make sure you listen to those intuitive whispers & reserve your place today. Come retreat with us & learn how to begin living your life consciously to create the reality you truly desire.
Picture this….
…..The plane has landed in Rome, Italy…the driver is waiting to take you to the most spiritual venue there is in Umbria. Umbria is where so many spiritual people have come since the 12th century to reach a state of enlightenment. It is also the heart chakra of Italy. You are driving along the beaten track into the hotel which feels mystical, empty & rugged. Your senses start to feel awake for the first time in a long time as you arrive at Eremito, a contemporary monastery lodged in the side of a mountain in the middle of nowhere. You can smell the pure fresh air. Your phone starts to disconnect from the outside world, for the 1st time in a while you feel free. You begin to feel yourself slow right down.
Sitting on your yoga mat in meditation, you feel your shoulders drop and your heart open as the sounds of the birds surrounds you. The orange sun sets over the cactus’ in the distance. Quiet, clear energy spirals up your spine, as you connect to your breath and your heartbeat. Finally, you can completely exhale.
A surge of utter knowing pulses through your body. Goosebumps race up your arms. You see your purpose laid out before your eyes. In a miraculous instant, your old ways of being wash away and a feeling of contentment and peace washes over you.
As you step into the centre of the circle of beautiful souls who surround you, you understand at your core why Umbria is referred to as one of the spiritual centres of the earth. You have the most content feeling that your life will never quite be the same.
Welcome…one of the world’s few spiritual energy centres, Eremito, Umbria, Italy has called you.
All decisions have been taken away and the agenda, set vegetarian menu and flow is led by Jen plus the staff at Eremito.
Who is this retreat for?
This retreat is for you if you are…
Craving a renewed sense of your life purpose.
Feeling stuck and holding yourself back from manifesting your dream life.
Seeking a deepening of a spiritual practice, meditation, and in search of your life purpose – the answer to the question, “there has got to be more to life than this.”
Want to learn new morning rituals to help you manifest your destiny.
Want to spend four nights with someone who’s mastered the art of manifestation.
Want to meet people who are high vibrational & love the law of attraction too.
What’s included?
Private Mercedes bus in Italy when you arrive to Rome with the group
Design Hotel – Contemporary Monastery
4 days retreat agenda with transformative manifestation meditations & workshops
4-star eco-friendly hotel
Nutritious buffet breakfast
4 course vegetarian set menu for lunch & dinner
Digital detox (Wi-Fi is available if required)
Colour therapy jacuzzi
Steam bath
Forest bathing
Thermal river in walking distance to hotel
Live like a monk experience
Silent dining experience each evening
Warm, friendly Italian family vibes
Welcome retreat gift
1:1 therapists available each afternoon
Amazing new friendships
Intimate retreat experience limited to 16 people
Day out in Orvieto on our last day together to shop & sightsee
This exclusive retreat experience has been intuitively created by Jen over the past 5 years and is guaranteed to sell out quickly.

Retreat Price – €1,888
*Flights & travel insurance is not included and it’s up to the retreat guest to book themselves.
Aer Lingus flights:
06:50am Dublin to Rome FCO EI 402 16/10/2023
20:20pm Rome FCO to Dublin EI 407 20/10/2023
How do I reserve my place?
*Email us on
*Pay your deposit of €500
*Book your flights
*Book your travel insurance
*Start getting excited to manifest everything you desire
We invite you to come along and experience the manifestation retreat magic and allow yourself to make new friendships with like-minded souls and have a life changing experience with us.
Jen & Zen Wellness Retreat Team

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