Eremito - A unique place, in which find harmony and wellbeing, through a soul experience

A unique place, in which find harmony and wellbeing, through a soul experience

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Sacred Woman Gathering

Sacred Woman Gathering

15 - 20 November

Your bare feet deeply rooted
Surrounded by
Whispers of ancient trees

Your shoulders drop,
Heart opens,
And the clear, calm spirals of
Energy vortexes
From Mama Earth travels
Up your spine,
Stretching and soaring up to sky …

Goosebumps race up
Your arms,
And your breath quickens,
Tears of joy
Streak down your face,
As the surge of inner knowing
Your entire being …

That your life will never quite be the same …

Welcome! The heartbeat of Gaia has called you to mystical Eremito Hotelito in Umbria, Italy.


6 days, 5 nights transformational retreat at Eremito, created for women who are being called to discover true Feminine leadership and the power of embodying womanhood at this time.
Each and every one of the women will play an important role in the energy created. The gathering is more than merely an experience or personal healing journey – the purpose is to bring together the women who are ready, with the support of sisters, to awaken Divine Feminine and step into a womanhood that we and the world is longing for.

Through six festival style days of personal transformation workshops, meditation, dancing, celebration and connection, the facilitators will hold space for all participants to explore, challenge, embrace and encourage each other to:

Connect to our wild life force, radiant lust, body, sexuality and intuition.

Surrender to trust the divine, step into the unknown, embrace chaos.

Integrate the masculine qualities of holding space for the feminine to be free.

Realize and lead from the feminine power, stepping into the Matriarchy.

By accepting “what is” we manifest what we truly want in our lives.

Create the foundation for a sisterhood of love, respect and admiration – as we are each other’s greatest source of inspiration.

Are YOU being called to be one of the women?

We are women just like you – sisters, wives, spinsters, daughters, widows … each of us embodying womanhood in her own way. Throughout our rich life experiences, travels, educations, falls and raises, we have gained talents, skills, insights, intuitive messages to come together and collaborate on co-creation of The Gathering.

Emotional Wellness Guide, Reiki Master and Happy Wife

The breadth of experience Gabriela brings to her holistic life practice is unique. After completing her Degree in Nursing, she traveled around the world studying bodywork, energy healing, yoga & meditation, Mindfulness/Buddhist studies and other cross-cultural healing modalities in Asia, Europe and Africa.

Her most recent studies in US on science of the heart-brain connection using biofeedback technologies contributed to some of the most innovative approach to emotional wellness today.

Integrating these disciplines and life lessons, she is known for her integration of a modern scientific bio-feedback technologies with the ancient healing modalities of the East.

Gabriela listens and holds safe space without judgement, offering practical tools to integrate the energetic transformation on a deep level that spirals from the individual’s core into relationships, work structures, finances and collective co-creation.

Today, Gabriela is based in the small town of Zug, Switzerland with her husband Olof and works with clients worldwide helping them align their life systems. She is also founder of the Wellness Tribe, global community of like-minded women practicing Heart-based living principles and ideas.

KARA DECANEO – Facilitator
Intutive Bodyworker, Experienced Meditator and Independent Woman.

Kara’s infectious joy for life is not only seen through her smile but felt by anyone she encounters.

She is a gifted intuitive bodyworker, experienced meditator in different modalities, nature lover, spiritual seeker, yoga practitioner and independent woman finding love in everything and everyone she can.

Kara uses her intuitive perception at all levels (physical/physiological, energetic, emotional, mental, spiritual) in order to assess and respond to individual needs.

Her intuitive perception has developed through various trainings and work, and has been fine-tuned in over 20 years of working with people therapeutically. It is supported by different frameworks: physiology, the Chinese system of meridians (energy channels), the Indian system of chakras (energy centres), psychology, and spiritual awareness and clarity.

This allows her to ‘tune into’ the physical body, energy, and being. Working hands on to release energy blockages or fill voids, or by using other bodywork techniques such as acupressure or massage.

Today, Kara lives in USA, between New York and Jackson Hole, Wyoming working with the clients, exploring mountains and rivers, shooting bow arrows and feasting on plant based goodies.

Through her daily meditation practice she has developed deeply transformational tools to assist others on their personal life shifts.

MAYA PALOCKOVA – Facilitator
Birth Doula/Soul Midwife, Light Worker and Wise Woman

Maya’s vast life experiences filled with travels encountering powerful Shamans and Healers throughout the world brought her to a very unique lifestyle of a Breatharian.

Endlessly, student of life and world-traveller, she became initiated by the greatest Masters into Hatha and Ashtanga yoga, Pranayama, Breathwork, Reiki, Theta healing and Kundalini dance. Her impressive education continues with E-RYT 500 certified, practitioner of yoga, breathwork, bodywork, hypnotherapy, EFT, and Life coaching.

She is a registered nurse of 25+years, birth doula and a soul midwife, who is dedicated to bringing positive changes to individuals to reach their full potential. Powerful healer, Maya has an incredible ability to nurture with profound calmness, love and compassion.

Today, Maya spends her “professional” life in London working with patients affected by life threatening diseases, when not traveling around the world spending time in rituals & ceremonies with Shamans in South America or Mexico.


– Daily facilitated activities (workshops, guided meditations, womb blessings, nature walks, rituals, ceremonies, journaling)
– A celluzze (a private room) with private bathroom (shower/toilet)
– Vegetarian/optional vegan meals with organic products grown on site or locally (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
– Water, coffee, tea and herbal infusions during the day
– Handmade pasta cooking class with a Tuscan born Goddess Patricia – chef, farmer and the horse lover
– Free daily access to the Relax Area (Spa), Turkish bath and Jacuzzi
– Car transfer from/to Fabro-Ficulle train station
– Service and 10% VAT

This is an intimate gathering of 10 women to ensure each woman receives whatever is necessary for her own process – spaces are limited!
We would love to hear from you and answer any questions you might have (traveling details, pricing, other details) … Feel free to connect with Gabriela on

If you are ready to gather with us visit our website for PayPal payments or email Gabriela on for details on other forms of payments.
EARLY BIRD SPECIAL OFFER: Now through September 14th 2018.

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