Eremito - A unique place, in which find harmony and wellbeing, through a soul experience

A unique place, in which find harmony and wellbeing, through a soul experience

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Solare Yoga & Detox Retreat

Solare Yoga & Detox Retreat

20 - 23 September 2018

Solare Fall Yoga & Detox Retreat at Eremito
September 20th-23rd, 2018

We all possess that unique special light within.
When it is allowed to shine freely, we feel alive- tuned-in, turned-on, and connected to self and others. We are in flow with the world around us.

The Italian word ‘solare’ is used to describe one who is joyful, full of life and light.

But sometimes this light is dimmed: the connection to our innermost Self is cut off by the the incessant rhythm of modern life…the constant doing, attachment to technology, busyness, and stress create veils that block our inner source of light and life-force energy. The result? Burn-out. Exhaustion of body and mind. Diminished joy and connection to our purpose.

The remedy?

Take a periodic pause from normal activity to reboot, reset, and renew.
Slow down, bathe in silence and stillness, attend to the body and soul, sleep deeply.
Nourish yourself with plant-based foods to detox and lighten the body.
Turn off the phone, computer, television.
Disconnect from the digital dependence and constant distraction.
Spend time in nature and recalibrate the nervous system and biological rhythms.
Get back into your body with yoga, breathing, and mindful movement.

Solare Detox and Yoga Retreat

Solare Detox and Yoga Retreat is a three night retreat designed to support you in this process. Our vision is to create a sanctuary to take pause from your everyday life to return to what is essential. By detoxing on a physical, mental and energetic level you will release the excess that is blocking the free flow of life force energy. You will reconnect to a feeling of lightness in the body, clarity of mind, and the natural state of joy and gratitude,
Yoga and meditation sessions by Sheila Chacko will be offered twice daily as well as nature practices such as forest bathing and earthing. Plant based meals (vegan and gluten-free) to support detox and cleansing will be crafted with love by Morganic Kitchen. There will ample time for rest and daily use of the spa (jacuzzi and steam bath) is included.
Beyond a deep immersion during these three days, you will be receiving information and knowledge that can be brought home with you in order to integrate the practice of detox into your daily life. You will walk away with valuable tools that will support the creation of daily habits that will allow your inner radiance to shine.

The Venue

Eremito is an eco-hotel and contemporary hermitage found in the ‘’Green Heart of Italy’’, Umbria. Here, luxury in the third millennium is being redefined as Silence, Nature, and Simplicity and a return to the Essential. Nestled in 3,000 hectares of forest, the nights are deep black, the silence in dense, and the peace is palpable. Eremito is leading the way in the digital detox phenomenon and is known for its signature silent dinner. A Design Hotel and architectural spectacle, the simple sophistication of Eremito lends to slowing down and calming the mind.

Who we are
American born, Italian imports. We are two women who found each other through our passion for wellness and our calling to share our knowledge and experience to empower others. Like two lights drawn together we were immediate friends with the realization that we were meant to join forces. And voilà, SOLARE Yoga & Detox Retreats was born.

Morgan Witkin – Morganic Kitchen
Morgan Witkin is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach living in Rome, Italy. With American roots and international experience, she brings her knowledge of multiple cultures and cuisines to her plant-based, whole foods kitchen. Adding to her growing list of qualifications and training, she recently completed a certification in Plant Based Nutrition through the T. Colin Campbell center at Cornell University.
Morgan founded “Morganic Kitchen” in 2015 and has provided cooking classes and workshops for both groups and individuals. She has worked as a consultant on various menus in luxury food and beverage establishments and opened an organic café and juice bar in the center of Rome last year. With her Health Coaching practice, Morgan’s aim as a mentor is to help individuals execute diet and lifestyle changes in order to promote overall sustainable wellness.

*All of Morgan’s recipes are gluten free, vegan and refined sugar free. The ingredients, when possible, are local and seasonal.
*The meals offered throughout the retreat can be modified to adhere to special dietary needs and allergies.

Sheila Chacko
Sheila Chacko is a yoga teacher and health coach who has been practicing yoga for nearly 20 years. While she now lives in the Umbrian countryside of Italy, she is American born with university and graduate studies in sociology, biological science, nutrition, and natural health. She has trained with teachers in various disciplines of yoga and spirituality around the world. Her style of teaching is based on her recognition of the innate genius of the human organism and focuses on learning to listen to the way our bodies, and ultimately our souls, speak to us through sensations and emotions. She teaches how to enter into dialogue with our bodies in a respectful way as the doorway into opening our hearts and expanding our consciousness. Her yoga classes encourage listening, softening , and receptivity while simultaneously activating inner power, self- responsibility, and sovereignty. The result: bliss and spaciousness in body and mind.
Sheila teaches group and private yoga classes and especially loves to guide people through deep transformation during retreats and immersions. She is a natural health advocate and offers online programs and in-person coaching guiding individuals and groups towards radiant health and empowered living. For more info:

Tuition includes your full board for 3 nights and 4 days including 3 practice sessions per day..

The Full Board includes:

– A celluzze (a private or shared room) with private bathroom (shower/toilet)
– Plant-based, organic, detox meals by Morganic Kitchen
-Detox juices and superfood shots
– Tea and herbal infusions during the day
– Two yoga lessons daily
– One guided mindfulness/meditation/ nature practice daily
– Free daily access to the Relax Area (Spa), Turkish bath and Jacuzzi
– Transfer in jeep (3km) from parking point if you arrive by car
– Service and 10% VAT

Places are limited to ensure an intimate setting for deep work, claim your space now!

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