Eremito - A unique place, in which find harmony and wellbeing, through a soul experience

A unique place, in which find harmony and wellbeing, through a soul experience

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The Art of Being your Brilliance

The Art of Being your Brilliance

16 - 20 September 2023

With Anna Sadhana Pilotti, Christina Rindsjö

Give yourself a periodic pause from daily life, slow down, tune in and reclaim yourself at beautiful Eremito, Umbria.

This is a partly silent retreat, which means there will be time to turn off the phone and computer and retreat into and back to yourself receiving the healing gift of nature around. The program guides you through Mindfulness practises, silent sittings ,sharing circles, dance, chanting, yoga, breathwork, Active meditations and transformative energy work to help you to tune in and connect with Your body, cleanse Your mind, ignite your joy and empower Your awareness.

No retreat is the same and every retreat is in constant change.

Eremito is located in the midst of mountains, rivers and beautiful forests. Its the perfect location to immerse in the healing power of nature and disconnect to reconnect.

Here you can nourish yourself with walks in nature and bathe in the rivers.

Soak into the rainbow lighted jacuzzi and the steam sauna, choose from various relaxing and healing treatments or just be with yourself or fellow travellers.

Enjoying moving, cleansing, energizing, opening, nourishing and strengthening body, mind & soul.

Retreat program
Morning Magic soft movements in nature.
‍♂️ Daily Morning Yoga sessions including Breathwork Practice & silent sitting
Daily afternoon Transformational Energy workshops
Followed by Active Meditations & Spa area exclusive for our group before dinner
Sharing Circle is inserted randomly to support our process
Some after dinner sessions might be included

Please note that the program follows the energy of the group and can differ from day to day.

Meals are vegetarian, Rich in variation and presented with creativity and beauty. Eremito had its own vegetables garden and buys all other products from local farmers to suppport a Conscious way of Living. Breakfast and lunch are served outside as a buffé.

Dinners at Eremito are in silence and served at the table.

The program is partly designed to support and help you befriend Your inner silence and become more of the Space of You.

We like to invite all to the Possibility to bring THIS into Your Living and the world.
Core elements of the retreat are Awaken, Relax, Release, Receive, Be, Embody & Shine.
FREE time and Space is an essential part of the retreat and living the Eremito experience.
Welcome to The Art of Being Your Brilliance Retreats!

For those requiring something else possible. For those willing to explore more of what is beyond this reality. We start at 15.00 and we end the retreats at 14.00

Give yourself a periodic
pause from daily life.

How to get here
✈️ Fly to Rome/Fiumicino or Ciampino airport.
Train is an option and we suggest you check possibilities from your country.
Station where we are: Fabro/Ficulle

 Train is also possible directly from Fiumicino Airport to Fabro/Ficulle.

From Ciampino take the bus  to Roma Termini or Roma Tiburtina.
Train  to Fabro/Ficulle.
You can check and book your train here:

Rent a car is an option.
Roma airports to Eremito is about 2 hours.

Private Transport Shuttle
We can arrange private transport from the Airport upon request.

All info about the retreat here :
Or dm Anna on whatsapp here:
+39 3477083899

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