Eremito - A unique place, in which find harmony and wellbeing, through a soul experience

A unique place, in which find harmony and wellbeing, through a soul experience

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RETURN TO YOURSELF & DISCOVER YOUR TRUE ESSENCE – Exclusive immersion for women only

RETURN TO YOURSELF & DISCOVER YOUR TRUE ESSENCE – Exclusive immersion for women only

4th - 7th October 2024

If you feel you need a deep recharge, to realign with your essence and rediscover your sense of self, join us for this revitalizing retreat in the beautiful nature of Umbria, Italy.


About the retreat

Do you feel called to reclaim your true essence? But what exactly does this mean?

There are periods, some short and some longer, when we feel like we are in a loop, seemingly bumping into the same lessons, feeling stuck and depleted. We can feel like we have lost connection with ourselves.

The truth is that we are born with an inner knowing, an inner recognition of ourselves that stays with us throughout our lives, but this inner knowing can be hard to hear when we are caught in the noise of our daily lives. We are driven by the idea we have about

ourselves, not our actual selves.

The path to reconnecting with our essence doesn’t have to be difficult. By incorporating small rituals and practices into daily life, and connecting with places in nature that nurture you, you can support yourself and learn to be more present and listen deeply. The world

gets a bit quieter, and your inner voice is clear enough for you to hear. You will create the space and connect to grounding energy, so you can remember who you are and discover your true essence.

You will be guided on this profound journey by two amazing women, Ayla and Lili.

They have both fully experienced what it means to be a woman in our world, in our society. They form a masterful combination because they have different experiences, but both found what a gift it is when you live your truth. You don’t need any bodywork, yoga, or

meditation experience to embark on this journey and age really doesn’t matter. Every day, no matter how old you are, you can decide to live a life of joy, presence, and clear purpose. You will receive lots of attention, a strong and safe space, and will be fully guided on a

beautiful journey of self-discovery.

Where will you be staying?

You will reside in one of the most beautiful regions of Italy, Umbria, surrounded by 3000 hectares of nature, in the majestic isolation of a true Unesco Biosphere Reserve. Our host will be the exclusive Emerito hotel, a Contemporary monastery, and a multiple award-winning venue, which is among the most recognized eco- friendly hotels in the world. It is a unique place, a secular hermitage where you can spend a relaxing and regenerating time, away from the noises of everyday life.

Eremito is a mystical place, a result of a long journey of self-discovery by the founder. The majestic Umbrian valleys, also called the spiritual heart of Italy, amplify the sense of spirituality enchanting the eyes and the soul.

Eremito is one of the first “Digital Detox” hotels in Italy.



Who is this retreat for?

This retreat is for women only. It is for those who need a deep reset, the kind you can only get if you connect to nature. It is for those who feel like they can’t surrender to their slow, gentle feminine energy. Those, who feel they always have to be in control, active and in a sharp decision mode. Those who feel they just need to release the inner tension and surrender to their inner truth, discover their desires, and learn how to express and live them.

Practices & Exercises:

  • Restorative yoga
  • Somatic practices
  • Guided, silent, and dynamic meditations
  • Breathwork
  • Interactive practices
  • Journaling
  • Deep listening
  • Creating a toolbox of simple practices
  • Receiving lots of attention, a safe space for being held & being fully guided


What are the practices of teaching and supporting?

  • Exploring your essence (individually and in group dynamics)
  • Practice being present in the moment
  • Surrendering and letting go
  • Connecting with your gifts
  • Deep relaxation of your nervous system
  • Embracing the power of joy
  • Creating healthy patterns that will stay with you forever


What effects can you experience:

  • More excess to creativity
  • Acceptance & connection to yourself
  • Acceptance & connection to your surroundings
  • Transformation of toxic mind patterns into healthy ones
  • More peace and joy in daily life
  • More energy and time for yourself

The retreat will be guided in English.


What’s included

  • 3 nights of full board accommodation in a single room.
  • Healthy and high-quality meals. You are served vegetarian, seasonal and locally inspired cuisine from the monastic Mediterranean tradition. Lunch and dinner will be multi-course, and breakfast is buffet-style. Dinner on arrival and breakfast on departure day are included.
  • Signature Eremito ‘’silent dinner’’ experience.
  • A glass of beautiful wine during meals.
  • Entire retreat program (two full days (6-8 hours) of practice and two half days of practice).
  • Digital detox.
  • Jacuzzi & Turkish steam bath session (towels, bathrobe, slippers included).
  • 3000 hectares of wilderness & access to beautiful trails in the surroundings of the hotel.
  • Gift bag


Not included:

  • Transfer to the hotel (available on request for additional charge. Pick up from Fabro station).
  • Any transport or flight tickets.
  • Mandatory travel insurance, health insurance, and cancellation insurance for your transportation (flight, etc.).


Retreat Leaders

Lili Gavrilović is an experienced bodyworker who has spent the last 20 years perfecting her knowledge of Aryuveda, Tuina massage, Traditional Chinese Massage, Reflexotherapy, Yumeiho, Breathwork, and Yoga.

She is a pioneer of Transformational deep healing work in Slovenia and is passionate about it, because of the way it combines therapeutic modalities of body, mind, and energy. As she evolved into a strong Transformer, she went through many layers of healing which gave her the ability to hold space for transformations that happen on the individual and group levels of her work. She is the founder of Lili studio which is a collective of four brave humans who have dedicated their lives to bringing healing and change into people’s lives.

She works on many levels, always with a loving, non-judgmental presence. She is the creative mastermind behind Lili studio’s workshops which are fluid, powerful workshops, where individuals can reconnect with their essence and fundamental beauty. She works from a place of deep love and empathy and is teaching humans not only how to nurture their essence, but how to spark change in others and offer true compassion to the less fortunate. She is currently dedicating more and more time to working with divine presence and exploring spiritual journeys that have a global impact. But most of all, she is a creative joyful human who proves to the people around her every day that she lives her truth.


Ayla Heier is a Transformational facilitator who is trained and certified in De-armouring with different schools and deepened her knowledge through somatic movement, dance & theatre, plant medicine, shamanic practices, tantra, and consent & communication practices.

Ayla is a practitioner and bodyworker who has a capability to make you feel safe, seen, and taken care of. She has a gentle loving, but persistent presence and touch, which is heart-opening to many and allows even the most fragile parts of you to show. She also has a true passion for working with movement & sensuality, to help people allow themselves to feel and embrace all parts of themselves. With a contagious smile and joy of life radiating from her core being, she brings a vibrant energy to the groups she works with. Ayla is here to show you it is okay to feel, from the deepest sadness to the greatest joy, because to fully live you need to feel it all!


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Attending a retreat with Lili was the best life-changing experience in my adult life. Personal growth processes that started there, completely redirected my life path towards my true purpose and are still resonating deeply within me. […]

Most importantly, she empowered me in a way that I am now able to feel my true capacity – and have a clear vision to grow into a future me – that I didn’t dare to think it could exist.

Gregor, Mastering Engineer/Musician/Sound Designer


Lili Studio workshops are an extraordinary journey, a practice to surrendering and leading with Pure Light and Love. […] The results of intense working with such a dedicated teacher (Lili Studio) are amazing. I feel profoundly empowered and dare to live a lot more in my original vibration. Liberating.

Taira, architect


Each one [workshops] is unique and leaves a lasting impression on me. Besides the high professional level of guidance through intuition, experience, and honesty, I would like to point out the feeling of safety I feel to explore my inner world and my body. These workshops are an important part of my personal growth and they always turn out to be extremely useful and pleasant.



With your help and with the help of the invisible space that you open I am more in tune with the responsibility I have to myself, to the people around me, to the love I feel and to everything that surrounds me. I see a bigger picture, you teach me about moderation, about my boundaries, my capabilities, and limitations in a way that feels close to me and inspires me. It is consistent, based in knowledge and experience and holds within cosmopolitanism. M.