Eremito - A unique place, in which find harmony and wellbeing, through a soul experience

A unique place, in which find harmony and wellbeing, through a soul experience

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- Architecture

• The structure uses a thermal coat and a cladding entirely in local stone.
• Heating and cooling takes place via the underfloor system.
• The energy class of the building is A4.

- Electric energy

• The structure has a photovoltaic system with storage that covers over 100% of total consumption.

-Hot water

• L’Eremito uses vacuum solar thermal systems and a tracking solar concentrator that allow for the production of over 100% coverage of the consumption necessary for heating the building in the winter months, domestic hot water and a hot water tub with hydromassage .

- Cooling down

• The cooling system takes place through the use of an underfloor conditioning system entirely powered by the photovoltaic system.

- Installations

• The structure uses only very low voltage LED lamps as well as presence detectors in the corridors to minimize consumption when not needed.
• The WC systems have low water consumption.

- Irrigation

• Rainwater is collected in special cisterns used for irrigation.

- Home automation

• The home automation system manages and gives aggregate information in real time on all water and energy consumption with the relative productions.

- Catering

• The restaurant is vegetarian and the cuisine is based on self-produced organic products from the garden and from local suppliers.

- Waste

• Eremito tries to minimize the production of waste and the residual part is differentiated and composted.
• Our use of plastic has sharply declined over time. Bottled water has been replaced with a reverse osmosis system.
• The amenities and cleaning products are organic, biodegradable and the containers are refillable as we are committed to the Plastic Free goal of the entire structure.

• There are recharging columns with a photovoltaic system for our guests’ electric vehicles.

- The projects

• L’Eremito has already reached energy self-sufficiency and we try in our short-term programs to reduce if not eliminate the structure’s environmental impact by also rationalizing the environmental aspects that seem less relevant at first sight.

Sustainability Manager: Matteo Murzilli